An arrangement for Chinese New Year 2021

I was so delighted when I was commissioned to create an arrangement for the home of a valued client for this Chinese New Year. The brief was simple - something beautiful with tradition included. Here's what I made:

An arrangement for Chinese New Year by Beckenham florist Hannah Jordan Flowers

As you can see this is a big, bright, beautiful arrangement. I chose the selection of flowers for their symbolism and colours. I adore creating arrangements using flowers that don't just look beautiful but mean something too. I am not an expert on Chinese New Year so I made a couple of proposals to my client who gave the go ahead on each flower's inclusion. 

The anthuriums were chosen for their striking red colour - red being symbolic of luck and good fortune. I also included a single pink one to give a softer tone and extra dimension to the display.

The chrysanthemums are symbolic of longevity, wealth and prosperity. I chose two varieties - the golden yellow/orange Willem Orange and the darker orange Bellavista - and think they really bring this arrangement to life. 

Orchids were chosen as they symbolise fertility and abundance. They add a real feel of celebration to this display - a very special flower - and this orange tone perfectly bridges the colours of the red anthuriums and the chrysanthemum.

Close up of orchid in Beckenham florist Hannah Jordan Flowers' arrangement for Chinese New Year

White narcissus (water fairy flowers) symbolise good fortune and prosperity though they deserve to be included for their divine scent alone. It absolutely filled the room as I created this, alongside the mimosa. I chose mimosa to add some greenery and structure, and a flash of yellow and nod to the season here. 

Pussy willow symbolises growth and prosperity. I have used three sticks of it here bringing a darker colour, simpler shape and extra height to the arrangement. 

A close up of Beckenham florist Hannah Jordan Flowers' Chinese New Year arrangement.

I truly loved creating this. I built it in the vase (it's floral foam free, as with all of my floristry) so that it was just right when delivered to my client. The colours are rich and abundant. There's loads of texture, scent and interest. All these things are right up my street, but when viewed knowing the symbolism of each flower as well I think this is a special piece and I feel proud of it. Learning a little about Chinese New Year flowers and their symbolism was so interesting and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to design this arrangement.