My Story

Photo of Hannah Jordan

I've long dreamed of creating floral delights for other people as my job and now my personal circumstances have me at a bit of a crossroads. So I am dipping my toe into the waters and hoping that you will like what I am offering. I live in Beckenham with my husband, our two children and two cats. I work from home, outside when possible or taking over the kitchen sides when it’s too rainy.

Flowers and floristry are great loves of mine. I have learnt my skills through lots of time spent choosing and arranging flowers. I completed a floristry course in 2016 which taught me the fundamentals providing an excellent foundation on which to grow my own style. Since then I have honed my skills through some workshops alongside many hours creating arrangements and experimenting at home. 

My style is abundant, textured and often colourful. I love working with lots of different flowers, often seasonal and sometimes from my own garden. I am a keen novice gardener and love getting lost in my own world out in the garden.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of choosing a rose to take home from my grandparents garden in Catford (South East London) after tea on a Sunday. My Grandma would snip it off the rose bush for me and wrap the stem in tin foil to protect my hands. These were huge roses with a divine scent. I can remember smelling them in the car on the way home. The smell of roses often takes me back to these happy memories.

I love to use fragrant flowers or foliage where possible. I love it when the memory of a smell transports you back to a time or place. And how memories can help to be created or remembered with flowers. I also love that flowers are a way to tell someone you’re thinking of them, and that sometimes they don’t need to have any specific meaning and can simply be something beautiful to look at and enjoy at home.

I’d love to be able to help you with your flower needs, whether it’s a one-off bouquet, seasonal wreaths, wedding flowers or any other floral requirement. It would be an honour to be chosen as your florist. Thanks for taking the time to look at my site.