Choosing flowers for my monthly subscribers

Ornithogalum - a long lasting choice for my monthly subscribers

It is always wonderful to speak with my monthly flower delivery subscribers. We chat about colours and vases, and where their flowers will likely be positioned. It is always interesting speaking to each person because everyone has slightly different things that are important to them from their flowers. I listen and make notes and then before each buying session, I have a think and a research of what flowers I'm going to choose that month. 

Things are a little different to normal when choosing flowers at the moment because it’s not possible to wander around the market right now. I am spending more time online researching options. I have my mental lists of favourites but it’s always so lovely to discover a new flower or be inspired by seeing something that wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. I look forward to a time when I can visit the market carefree again. 

In this blog I thought it would be interesting to give a little insight into how I choose the flowers for my monthly bouquets. There’s lots to consider when choosing flowers for any occasion or use but these are my top three aims for the monthly ones:

1) Something seasonal When buying flowers once a month I think it’s lovely to reference the time of year. This makes sure the flowers inside reference the flowers seen in nature and I like this link to the natural world. For example using Amaryllis in winter, tulips in the spring or peonies in May or June. 

2) Something with longevity and ongoing interest  It’s important that the flowers last well. I include a mix of flowers and they will all have a different vase life. I aim to include some flowers that will bloom after delivery. 

For example ranunculus will have their tight smaller flowers when delivered and over time they’ll open up and fill out changing the colour balance of the arrangement. Or ornithogalum (pictured) which starts out as a green spike, and then reveals these gorgeous white flowers as time goes on. 

When the flowers with a shorter vase life go past their best they can be removed but the arrangement will still have interest and beauty thanks to the inclusion of the longer living flowers too. You may choose after a while to to split the flowers up between a few smaller vases to mix things up and change your displays. I’m hopeful that my stem selection gives you some choices and keeps things interesting.

3) Something that wows There are lots of different ways that I can aim to achieve this. A couple of examples include using a feature flower: in last month’s deliveries I chose protea for two of my subscribers which are such a striking and impactful inclusion in any arrangement. Or it could be through using a mix of lots of colours so the feast of colours really makes you smile. Whatever way I try and achieve this I always want the flowers to bring joy and add a little extra happiness to the home. 

If you aren’t already receiving a monthly delivery from me and would like to give it a go, my next delivery date is Wednesday 3rd February. Take a look here or send me a message to find out more.